Photography by Alison May

1 hour of continuous coverage

Location of your choice

50 Hi Resolution fully edited digital files with print release

Proofing of Images on private website

A best of posting online for easy viewing and sharing with friends and family


I love to travel for sessions! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have a unique location in mind. If you do not have a direction for your shoot let me know and I can create an inspiration board to get your mind flowing, these also work great for wardrobe ideas!

Travel Charges are billed at the exact cost of getting me to your session

I also offer a full service design and professional quality print shop. Choose the images, print textures, and materials of your choice for a custom design. All orders include premium packaging. There is a minimum ordering fee of $50. Email for detailed information on creating your products.




Be certain not to schedule your photo session around your child’s nap or bedtime. The best time for lighting is the two hours before sunset and after sunrise. If this is a bad time for your children let me know. We will be able to shoot at any time of day by utilizing areas of open shade! Also, don’t show up to a photo shoot on an empty stomach. I meet many families who come to a photo session with dinner scheduled at the end. If this is your plan, be sure to give everyone a healthy snack beforehand.


So many times I have found parents who tell their kids to look at the camera and smile. Telling young children to look at the camera and smile will only stress them out and will result in strained, unnatural and often unflattering photographs.  I’d much rather you interact and play around with your kids! This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles. Help me capture the true essence of your family’s personality by playing and coaxing out those smiles naturally and easily. I want you and your kids to have fun and think of your photoshoot as a playful outing as opposed to a chore!


Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air. Give your wife a sweet kiss on the check. Tell your husband how much you love him and appreciate him for being there for your family. Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace. Kiss. Snuggle. Play. Doing these things will allow me to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family. Show me who you really are, so that I have the opportunity to capture your love! The best photographs are often the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other.  We will take very few images having everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. If you are engaged as a family and loving on each other, your eyes will be on your family members and your smile will be natural. These are the photographs that you will cherish most because they depict your family connection and your love.