Make Up

Great make up is a must, spend some extra time (or get it professionally done) so that you look stunning.  False eye lashes are a great way to add a bit of extra glam.  Think eyes, cheeks, lips -make sure you have all three, plus a great base of foundation


 Don’t go too wild on the hairspray.  Natural with a little oomph.  Great hair is just as important as fabulous make up, so if you think you need a little help with your hair, get it done or ask a friend who’s gifted at it. I will bring a fan to the session for those wild hair shots!


Wear loose fitting clothing the day of so that you don’t have markings when you strip down. You want to accentuate your favorite features and minimize any “trouble” areas.  Make sure you try on your outfits before you get to the shoot and you’re happy with them.  Never bring an outfit that makes you say, “Well, Ikinda like it.”  Only bring items that are clean and look (at least) nearly new.  A tired bra, shirt or undies are going to look tired in the picture.

Sexy doesn’t necessarily mean less clothing.  Here are some wardrobe or theme ideas:

Men’s dress shirt (white is my favorite) paired with panties, loose tie optional, fedora's are fun.  Heels or bare feet.

Boyfriend/husband’s favorite t-shirt with cute panties.  Fun knee high socks add a cute element

White sheet, elegantly wrapped up in

Cocktail Dress/Evening Gown (because glamorous is always VA-VOOM!)

Shawl/cover up loosely wrapped in

Bra/pantie set

Corset and panties (stunning -highly recommend, particularly for curvier figures)

Sheer shirt, tank top or camisole with panties

Vintage night gown or slip

Topless with casual jeans (use arms to cover breasts or lay stomach down.)

Apron, panties and heels (recommend “cooking” props: cookbook, bowl and whisk, cake/cookies on a plate, etc.)


Jewelry:  any thing from chunky to elegant.  If you’re going for a dramatic look, try rhinestone/costume jewelry, chandelier earrings, even a bracelet.  Bring options and we can work with it.  For an understated look, small earrings/studs and a simple necklace that has significance ads a really nice touch.  You don’t have to wear jewelry, but often it’s lovely to add.

Shoes: It’s amazing what a splendid pair of shoes can do for a boudoir shoot.  I’m a huge fan of barefeet, but those sultry heels do amazing things for a sexy outfit.

Hosiery: Thigh highs, fish nets, garters -great ways to add more touches to your look

Other: men’s hats, masquerade mask, men’s ties, fresh flowers/petals, vintage coca cola bottle(s), martini or other adult beverage in appropriate glass, fruit (apples are great, add a lovely pop of color, but a bunch of grapes can look stunning, too.)  Candy -big lollipops, cotton candy on a stick, licorice, etc.

Your Experience

With boudoir being such a beautiful and vulnerable style of session, your comfort is of my utmost importance.  All of your images are sacred and yours.  None are shared without your permission.  From the moment you walk in to your session you are on Pamper Time.  Play your favorite music. Bring all the liquid courage.  And you will be lovingly coached through poses that compliment your body and allow your soul to sparkle.